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This is a revival attempt

Oh my... This isn't Expel OR Nede! Or not anywhere I'm familiar with, that's for doubly certain!

Oh Gyroro, Ururun, where HAVE we gone now? Curse this terrible luck!!
[A 14 year youth with purple hair appears in the dressing room, he pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose and scans the area]

Che. This isn't Termina or the Ark...

ooc: BEHOLD! An AU!Van. He comes from a D.Gray-Man/Chrono Series merger. WOO. AUs! More info can be found in his journal



So, Esper...

I discovered what I believe is an art room...

Would you like to see?

The Paladin of FF4 Arrives!

He honestly could not believe his eyes. He'd thought that Baron's castle had been large, but this was ridiculous. Airships were miraculous enough, but flying castles? He sighed, supposing that hearing about a world beneath his world had been stranger still... and first things remained priority and that was finding his friends.

He'd only just been reunited with Kain Highwind, his life-long companion... he didn't want to lose any more of his friends.

[[Cecil Harvey of FF4 arrives. :D]]

Jul. 23rd, 2008

[And here's a Yazoo looking around. He's pretty sure the Lifestream isn't a castle.]


(OOC: /attempts to resurrect dead muse)



[yup Yuffie is back to normal, well as normal as she can be- for now, wait 'til the memory relapses hit]

Geez...you know I wonder if I can reach those Airships up there. Or...are they airships? The things holding this place up. Hard to see with the sun in my eyes. [ 8/ ]
[have Rosso standing next to the corpse of some random...person. The identity is a little hazy right now due to the mutilated, blood-drenched condition of the body.

And the observer's attention might be drawn to how Rosso's splattered with crimson herself. And laughing.]

easier said than done


Is this like a habit now, my spirit floating around places in the world?

This is probably yet another messed up place in my head...

Jul. 6th, 2008