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[blinks at sudden scene change, gun in hand, was about to shoot the hell out of an NMC]

What the-?

...I'm...in a castle?

You know I've seen some weird things. Mutants, Crazy women with the power to make people combust, ooze made of said combusted people.

But this whole...scene change? This is new.


[awakens, finds herself in a bed]

Where am I? [looking around] Locke? Celes? Cyan?

[looks out the window] So high up... could I really still be in Kefka's tower? I thought we defeated him.

[pain, as a flood of memories overwhelms her. remembers her esper self dying, the magicite shattering... her father -- ]

But somehow I survived. [peering down at the dark blue ocean waves crashing against the rocks below the castle] And Kefka's tower was destroyed. So what is this place?

Jun. 17th, 2008

[brightly glowing sketchbook on the floor, here.]
[sighs heavily and sets his bag down on a convenient table]

I hope whatever it is that keeps moving me around gets bored soon. I know i am.

ooc: AU!Roxas, where Sora was absorbed instead. He's a (hopefully cohesive) mix of his original self, the Twilight Town persona, and a touch of Sora here and there.


Jun. 12th, 2008

[glances around. This place =/= the Lifestream.

She's not complaining. When she speaks, her words have a Slavic/Russian accent to them:

Well, well. Just what do we have here?

Jun. 12th, 2008

[there's a female ninja, clothes in disarray and set on a couch, and in her hand there's a Kirin summon materia]

Ku-...damnit...[shaking severely, uses what little strength she has to summon Kirin to stand next to her and have it's healyness fix up her ravaged body]I should have listened to them...I'm such an idiot...

[ooc:who wants a freshly assaulted CrimsonComics!Yuffie? Yes I realize I'm going to hell for this]
You know I'm getting really sick of being jerked around random places.

If I have to collect five random pieces of crap again and save a princess I'm gonna' be piiiissssed ooooofffff.

[ooc:No- you aren't high and you aren't imagining things- this really is a Musashi]

Jun. 11th, 2008

[opens a door and pokes his head in]

... ANOTHER one? Man, I've got the worst luck ever with these damn dressing rooms.